The Artist & Aspiring Artist


Amoré Monét is a professional makeup artist with over 13 years of experience in the beauty industry. After many years of working in weddings and film, she realized there was a need for a long lasting moisturizing lipstick that would last all day, through kisses, and multiple hours of filming. Please email info@amoremonet.com for production resume.

Evelynne, an ambitious pre-teen, has always been fascinated by the world of cosmetics and soaking in all information that comes her way. Evelynne enjoys learning about makeup techniques, application, and ingredients. She also has experience being behind the scenes on set and helping her mom! Evelynne loves all things beauty, math, and music! She hopes to one day become a makeup artist as well.

After Amoré noticed how eager Evelynne was to learn more about the business side of makeup, Amoré came to the conclusion to include Evelynne with the brand by showing her all the ins and outs and helping with major decisions. Evelynne is also the lovely model you see for the shades along side her mother.

The lipstick shade "Vie" was the first color formulated and named by Evelynne.


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